Is it your day ?

Interviews play a very prominent part in one’s selection in job. These interviews are also known as Personality Test in few examinations like UPSC. Now, interview of UPSC is considered as a brain drain. I have given several interviews(not of UPSC) and read several interview experiences for elite government posts. And based on my interview experience, and the interviews I have read, I conclude that questions of interviews may be very versatile, flexible. Based on the mood of the interviewer, your preparation level, your comfort with the topics asked by you in the interview, your performance will vary. Although, you should play well, and utilize the platform in best possible manner, which you have got in the name of interview, to finally reach the destination, of which the interview is last step. But still I think its not totally upto you. For instance, this RBI- Grade B interview experience, given below
seems much drilling in comparision to this UPSC-CSE interview, which is given below