Water coming from Haryana is ‘poisonous’, says Delhi government

Poisoned water for Delhi

To poison the water (reservoirs), is considered to be a very effective action, by an enemy nation, during crucial war among nations, or group of nations. But, this is what. Just for the sake of a little relaxation in performance in examination, i.e. for reservation in education and government jobs, first Jats disrupted the supply of water to Delhi. Now, Delhi government claims that, water is poisoned. Where are we leading with this. Like the several other affected people, I am also the one, who is being affected. I live in ‘Gandhi Vihar’ are of Delhi, which gets it water supply from ‘Wazirabad Plant’, which has been shut down. I am facing problems, in which I don’t have any role to play. Jats are demanding for reservation, and the Government has to decide, whether to grant them or not. Though ‘Supreme Court’ nullified the reservation last year, which was granted to them and remained in affect for around 3 months, calling the reservation to Jat community as ‘unconstitutional’. I don’t know whats going to be next. Though court has its own way of working, and Judicial System is one, in which lies my only trust, that they have and will keep saving this country from politics/goons/powerful people. You can see this here also:

Faith Revived in Judiciary

Coming back to the issue, why am I affected, and that too to this level, previously, our water supply was cut, for 2-3 days, and we managed. It is cut even now, but now I am shocked to know, that water which I was using, is poisoned, by our own people. Why do you want to kill me, and other innocent people like me. Though Supreme Court has called you demand as unconstitutional, and I trust the decision of Supreme court, undoubtedly, but believe me, technically, I will be at the receiving end. How? I expected that from you. Let me elaborate it to you. Look, I am a ‘General Category Candidate’, who has around 50 percent seats for them in Education, State/Central Government Jobs. And mind you, these 50 percent seats are not reserved for him, unlike the 27 percent seats of OBC, for which you are fighting, or any other reservation category like of SC/ST etc. It means, any body is free to fight in ‘General Category’ seats, but reserved category seats will be open for reserved category candidates only. Let me put is statistically for you,


Resevation Percentage of Categories


Which means that, OBC have 27% seats reserved for them, hence they are actually eligible for, 27% + 50.5%

SC have 15% seats reserved for them, hence they will fight for, 15% + 50.5%

OBC have 7.5% seats reserved for them, hence they will fight for, 7.5% + 50.5%

Where this 50.5% indicates the seats for ‘General Category’, for which I and several other general category candidates fight, and cut-off for this category is highest among all.

Leaving behind my agony, for belonging to ‘General Category’, and reason for, how ‘ST category’ beside having lowest ‘category reservation percentage’ enjoy maximum benefit, I will come to the bottom line:

If Jats are included under OBC category, competition in Generally Category seats will be lowered to some extent, and competition in OBC category will be toughened to some extent, because those fixed 27% seats will have then, more candidates fighting for it. Although, belonging to ‘General Category’, the so-called exploiter category of past, I still don’t support your idea of reservation, due to few reasons:

  1. It is unconstitutional, as said by ‘Supreme Court’ in 2015, based on your economic and social background.
  2. If you get your demands fulfilled, it will prove that, anybody can get their demand fulfilled, just by blocking highways, cutting water supply, leading to riots, damaging property, raping girls during riots, and all such illegal activities, irrespective of demands being legitimate or not.

But still, don’t kill us, this is merely my opinion, and whether you get OBC status or not, depends solely on Law-makers, which are Politicians, and custodian of the constitution, which is the Supreme Court of India.

Faith revived in Judiciary

Interrogatoin of Jatin Narwal, DCP (New Delhi)

Once again my faith is restored in Judiciary of India. They are the one, who interrogate and are not threatened by goons/ruling party etc. We have got several examples, which have restored our faith in judiciary, like

  1. Italian mariners case,in which Court asked Attorney General of India, to get them the guitly (prisoners) back.
  2. Making Jat quota unconstitutional, which Congress Government implemented, in 2015
  3. Announcing Indira Gandhi guilty, by the then Chief Justice of High Court of Allahabad, just before Indira Gandhi declared ‘National Emergency’ in India.

and the list goes on. This is also a subtle example of the same.