Mahua Moitra

Yazidi survivor: ‘I was raped every day for six months’ – BBC News

Not sure, whether this whole ISIS issue is US propaganda, to get support of its civilians and other countries, for attacking Syria. Just as it did, by portraying brutality in the region, for attacking Afghanistan, Iraq etc. Or whether US is just exagerrting the issue, for the same. Actually, in this age of Internet, US is having an upper-hand over these 3rd Industrial Revolution Technologies, due it’s California based Silicon Valley Companies like- Google, Facebook etc; which could be very easily used for spreading propaganda. I am not saying that ISIS is very noble hearted group, working for human-welfare. But, what if, it’s not that bad too, as they are being portrayed; just as US did to attack North Vietnam, in 1960s, during Vietnam War, by lying about their ship being attacked by North Vietnam, which came out to be a lie by US, for getting an excuse for attacking North Vietnam.